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My Thoughts On The Qatsi Films and Other Films Similar To It!

Posted by RebelAplg7 on August 17, 2014 at 10:45 PM

These are just my thoughts after viewing the Qatsi films. They are basically movies that show you a perspective of the world, cities, environment, people both rich and poor, native people and people in the modern world, and the natural landscape around us in slow motion and time-lapse style. It doesn't have anyone narrating the movie but just uses background music. These films directed by Godfrey Reggio which are Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance (1982), Powaqqatsi: Life in Transformation 1988, Naqoyqatsi: Life as War (2002), etc. You can look them up and see what they're all about. As people would say that a picture is worth a thousand words then these type of films are worth billions of words because they tell a story in your own perspective. It's because of the lack of narration and only leaves you to look at the world and I really do mean look at it in a perspective that puts your mind both at ease like a meditative state. It lets you respect and just take in the nature around you and the visual stimulation is pretty satisfying. Everyone will interpret these movies according to their own viewpoint but the films let you see the world as it is raw and true without special effects or any thing. It's basically just the world as we see everyday but shown in a beautiful point of view and perspective. I also like Baraka (1992) and Samsara (2011) both directed by Ron Fricke. They are similar to the Qatsi trilogy of films in how they are shown with the whole slow motion and time laps artistic documentary like style. There are more other films like these. You can really see how much the detail of the films have change throughout the years as technology improve both in the film and how the film is done from the old ways of filming in low quality to the HD Samsara. The visuals just stimulates your brain and is pure eye candy. It puts me in a good mood and also lets me clear my thoughts and just take in the breathtaking visuals in the films. However you may interpret these films is up to you because I believe it's from the perspective of the viewer in they are interpreted. As an artist who like to draw, I can say that this film is just a work of art and is very genius in its film making and the angle and shots are just very real and surreal at the same time! If you are feeling down and depress or just really dirt rock bottom then maybe watching these type of movies can calm you down. Sometimes you need some silence and view the world in an introverted point of view. Just take it all in and clear your thoughts. It may help you see things more clearly or maybe not. I believe everyone is different in their own way and may or may not agree with my point of view. When it comes to these type of films silence truly is golden! You can check out the trailers below for the films.

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