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Underhell Chapter 1 (PC) Welcome To Hell Part 6 Ebola Prison Zombies Add Video Welcome to Underhell is the first chapter of Underhell. Most of this chapter takes place in the A.R.C, but the last act takes place in the city. Act 1: Welcome to Underhell The Helicopter arrives at the A.R.C. Detention Establishment. Jake and 2 other inmates get off and are escorted to their cells. After a little tour of the place, Jake goes to his cell to sleep. There, he dreams of water being filled in the cell room flooding it. Next day, Jake gets escorted to the wardens office. On the way there, his escort is taken over by Bryan Johnson, a security guard who befriends Jake. Bryan has a talk with the Warden and then it was Jake's turn. Afterwards, Jake and Bryan head back to the canteen to get some food where the former meets Victor, a butcher who takes a imediate disliking to Jake. Staying in the Canteen If Jake stays in the Canteen, Bryan's brother, Alexander (a.k.a. Junior) will come on the catwalk and Bryan orders him to put on his mask, but Junior refuses. So Bryan puts his own mask on to motivate Junior, which causes an inmate named Tyrone to question why he and other inmates don't get masks. The other inmates join in on the argument when they are interupted by the Chief of Security, Terrance Mason. Terry then orders all the inmates to return to their cells. Jake Stays in the Canteen If Jake stays in the canteen and disobeys the order to return to his cell, a guard will begin to pursue him. If the guard catches Jake, he hits Jake with his baton until Jake falls unconscious. Jake is then taken to a cell in the High Security Block. Jake Returns to his Cell It's possible to avoid the violent encounters with Tyrone or prison guards altogether. Jake will instead peacefully return to his cell. Heading Back to his Cell If Jake leaves the Canteen before everyone is done talking, he will end up cornered in the shower room where Tyrone is waiting and engages Jake in a brawl. Jake Wins the Brawl If Jake wins the brawl with Tyrone by using a pipe, some guards will come in and beat Jake to the ground and send him to a cell in the High Security Block. If Jake takes out enough guards, Ito will be seen while the door is shutting. Tyrone Wins the Brawl If Tyrone wins, Jake is wounded and sent to the Medical Bay. After another dream about guilt, Jake wakes up to find the prison deserted and roaming with infected personnel that try to kill him. He later comes across a Hermit in the vents, who requests Jake to find him 5 cards in exchange for his wrench.

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