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New Mighty No. 9 Gameplay Footage Shows Inafune Playing The Game!

Posted by RebelAplg7 on March 24, 2014 at 7:30 PM

I just saw this gameplay footage of Mighty No. 9 on youtube! I must say that I am impress! It looks pretty good! We see Keiji Inafune himself playing the game. I know that the game isn't finish yet. It's still undergoing development and they're still trying to polish it up. We see Mighty No. 9 aka Beck being able to jump, run, dash, dash in mid-air, fire his arm cannon, etc. It's like they've combined the powers and abilities of both Mega Man and Mega Man X into one and created this! Also, one more awesome thing! I just saw Mighty No. 9 shoot diagonally not only straight but also upwards in an angle! Does that mean that he'll be able to shoot in different directions as well not just forward? Holy crap! Now, this is the same way the Contra games by Konami characters shoots! Awesome! In addition, Beck can also do a stomp move, hang on the side of ledges, and grab onto rings like in Donkey Kong Country. We still haven't seen Beck's ability to transform his body into different machines, mechanisms, gears, and such. They'll probably show that later. I can't stress enough how excited I am for this game! This is at the top ten list of my most anticipated games for maybe next year. I don't know the other games yet but we'll see. I'm also digging the graphics styles! It has that 2D and 3D hybrid like Mega Man Powered Up and Mega Man X7-X8. It's perfect for a modern and classic style of game combined into one! I'm not gonna give this game a perfect score just yet so I'll wait until the game comes when I get my hands on it. We also see a list of the bosses or other Mighty No. robots being shown in the video on top of the gameplay in concept art style so they're not final yet. It's a pretty good list and I can't wait what they got more in store for the future of this game! This is also a good way for the Indie developers to aspire to with projects like this! It will really help these small time game developers make it and get notice! :D Here are some words by Inafune:

In this talk he recalled that the feeling of creating the first Mega Man game back in the 80s was comparable to that of making an indie game today. He reminisced that “Mega Man was the first original total that came out of our team in those days” and said:
In a way, if we’re talking about what’s big budget or not, in a way I would say that was our indie movement. We were not really doing what was asked by us; we were not necessarily adhering to what was requested to our team.

In that same vein Inafune also claimed that:
The heart of indie lies in those days. We’re still connected with fans in those ways.

Check out below for more videos and concept art on Mighty No. 9!

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

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