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Fanmade Live Action Akira Project Seems Good!

Posted by RebelAplg7 on June 9, 2014 at 1:20 PM

Okay! I've been surfing the infinite knowledge world of the interweb lands again when I stumbled across another awesome video! This video is basically just a trailer for a live action Akira but is fanmade so that means low budget and all that. These group seems to have captured the essence of the anime Akira movie which came out back in 1988. My question though is that will this fanmade live action Akira be based off the movie or the manga. I believe it's just a trailer but if they're actually planning to make a full length movie then that would be cool. The movie and the manga/graphic novel series have all the characters like Kaneda, Tetsuo, the bike gangs, clown gangs (they're a rival of Kaneda's gang), the espers (those shriveled kids with psychic powers), Colonel Shikishima, etc. The difference between the two is that the movie has basically summarized the long graphic novel and made Akira deceased and just has his vital organs which were placed in capsules after Tetsuo discovered them in a huge vault under the Tokyo Olympic Stadium. The graphic novel on the other hand has the incredibly powerful psychic kid Akira alive and well and is also going around destroying the army alongside Tetsuo basically making them godlike! So my question to the ones making this live action Akira is that will this be based off the movie or the graphic novels. If you guys don't know the movie Akira, it's a very complex anime movie and is one of the best around well at least at the time it was made. It's a cyberpunk animated film that explores political corruption, experimentation, gang warfare, military, chaos, psychic powers, teen angst, etc. It has lots of elements around it that explores the supernatural and the reality. It's basically similar to what Godzilla represents like in the new Godzilla movie I just saw. Akira was created because man wanted absolute power like with the nuclear bombs so Akira was the result of this. Akira is basically just an ordinary kid but through experimentation by the government made him incredibly powerful to the point that he caused a nuclear like explosion that destroyed Tokyo! This started World War III in the story! It seems Tetsuo was going through a similar path after his powers were awakened by one of the shriveled up esper kid. If you haven't seen the anime movie and read the graphic novels then I recommend you do. They're kinda mature themed and aren't really kid friendly so just a little warning. They're also pretty violent and graphic! Check down below for the fanmade live action trailer as well as some Akira videos and pics. Also if you wanna see something similar to Akira then check out the movie Chronicle. It also has a bunch of kids with psychic powers but isn't as complex and deep a story as Akira. There's that movie Scanners with Michael Ironside as the villain Darryl Revok with psychic powers blowing a person's head off. Carrie is also another movie with a girl with psychic powers. I also remember that one movie called Push with Dakota Fanning. It wasn't really that good but it was okay. Oh, let's not forget M. Bison. He's got psycho powers because psycho crusher! That's why! lol Sorry, I've been playing a lot of Street Fighter games so I'm still stuck in that mode after seeing Street Fighter Assassin's Fist. Yeah, it was that good!

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A pic of Kaneda above in live action as it's shown. He's pretty much the main character in the anime film but not in the graphic novel and the one who could help out but even so he can't stop the destruction of Neo Tokyo anyway.

This is Akira the boy who develop incredibly destructive power that destroyed Tokyo through experimentation! Even though the title of the anime movie is Akira he's just a side character while in the graphic novel he is the main character. Weird. I wish writers would stick to the source material. I would really have liked it if they kept true to the original manga/graphic rather than changing it in the anime movie. It's great animated film but my only complaints is that it's not the same as the original source.

Here above is Kaneda's gang along with Tetsuo (not pictured) and down below of the same group riding around in their motorbikes.

Here's Tetsuo Shima the angsty teen who acquired incredible psychic power as well and went berserk on everyone because of his inferiority complex. You could say that he's the main antagonist in the story. He's lashing out against the world probably because of the oppression he felt. Now that he's acquire this psychic power he's become even more corrupt and unstable thus causing him to use his powers to destroy and kill anyone in his way! He can't seem to control the power though and causes painful headaches, suffering, and mutations in his body.

Above is a mutation of Tetsuo showing how his power is going out of control and how his body can't handle it any longer as it keeps getting stronger ang going beyond his body's limitations.

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