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This is completely optional so like I said. Donate only if it is within your heart to donate but do not do so because you don't want to. I will use the donations to upgrade this website so that it will have more storage space and better things. I will purchase things like better video editing software, better camera, more games to do let's plays and try some reviews, art related things like a Bamboo Tablet, pencils, paint, paper, comic related materials, manga related materials (I'm working on a manga right now which someday I can publish from someone or self publish once I finish it. I wanna make a really long graphic novel that I planned and have done rough drafts and story. I only gotta come up with the characters), etc. You can check out my deviantart to learn about my story and characters. You can also donate to me in bitcoin instead. I accept those too. Here's my Bitcoin Address: 1BqnTANEujFfkTt8DEAAchzhDbPTA4qk1F

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