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With the continue struggle of the console wars in full gear Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all taking huge leaps, risk, promises, content, etc. to help promote their latest brand of products and servies. So far, Sony seems to planning on integrating features to their PS4 consoles by using their PS Vita to have remote play. They might also be including PS3 info like your profile have the ability to be transferred to the PS4 so maybe all your trophies and other stuff are carried over. Is the PS4 actually a huge leap though compared to the PS3? As for Microsoft, they are showcasing their brand new controller which they say is much better lighter than the previous one. They added some more rumble motors inside it to make the feel much more realistic. I wonder how the actual XBox One console is different though compared to its previous relative the XBox 360. Meanwhile in Nintendo, the Wii U is promoting its new games like Pikmin 3, the Wonderful 101, Mario and Luigi games, etc. I'm gonna mention the third party games but yeah games like Bayonetta 2 (I'm excited about), Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (I'm also excited about), and many other games. I'm just curious where the heck is the latest next gen Zelda and other Nintendo titles are. They seem to be focusing a lot on portable gaming like the 3DS which is a huge thing right now because it's gaming on the go. Well, whatever the outcome maybe who eventually will come out on top. There's also newer gaming console prototypes coming out like the Ouya, the Piston (by Steam), and other ones I haven't mentioned. I wonder if they are trying to make these compete with the big three giants (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) and how will this actually affect the gaming market, landscape and demographics? What do you think? 


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