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After the release of the new Nintendo 2DS, it has recieved a lot of negative backlash from fans and people. The hate doesn't really make any sense. The new Nintendo 2DS doesn't have 3D functionality unlike its predecessor the 3DS. It's also different in that it doesn't have those two screens upper and lower LCD that folds. The 2DS on the other hand is just one small hand held that is just one handheld device with two screens upper and lower LCD but doesn't fold. It still has the same buttons as the 3DS but it doesn't have 3D capabilities thus the name 2DS. This new handheld console device is probably aimed at younger kids who are most likely to break or damage a device like the older 3DS. This new 2DS solid design might help with longevity if it were to be accidently get snapped in two then it won't. That's just my opinion. What do you guys think of this new 2DS? Do you like it or do you still prefer the 3DS? I remember when the first Gameboy came out and then the Gameboy Pocket. I didn't hate on either handheld device because they can still play the games. Here's what the new 2DS looks like. Here's the link to the video release of the 2DS by Nintendo themselves! Nintendo 2DS

You can compare the two device so I'll put the Nintendo 3DS down below. 


Um, woah dude!

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