My Drawings My Drawings AplG7 178573637 Death (Darksiders 2) 178573638 Giga Weapon Drive Main Character Jhared I tried adding ink to this. 178573639 This is Jhared again but only pencil 178573640 Giga Weapon Drive Zent He's one of the major villains in the story. 178573641 Doing a skateboard jump over a car 178573642 My acoustic guitar 178573643 Link in what I call his Triforce Armor 178573644 My PS2 controller with cord chewed up by cat 178573645 Stickfigures doing Skateboard stunts 178573646 Super Saiyan 3 Kid Goku 178573647 Super Saiyan Gohan 178573648 Toshin Raizen (Yu Yu Hakusho) 178573649 Yusuke Urameshi (Yu Yu Hakusho) 178573650 Cute Innocent Girl 179537658