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Underhell Chapter 1 (PC) Code Red Again, Sewers, and Labs Maintenance Area Part 8 Add Video Jake then runs into the Security Room where Terry and his comrades are and. Terry then introduces Jake to Bryan, Junior, Matthew Porter, Benjamin, Hector and Takeo, and they work out a plan to escape the facility. They need to reset the Generator under the base to put the power back online, and they need to access it from the core, and they need to access the core by turning off the power relays from the North and South Wings. Matthew and Takeo go to the North Wing, while Hector and Jake go to the South Wing. After turning off the relay in the High Security Block, Jake and Hector get surrounded by more infected personnel. They try to escape, but Hector is killed by Victor's brother, Igor. Jake then escapes the High Security Block and proceeds to the North Wing. Jake arrives in the North Wing and gets a call from Ben saying that he lost contact with Matthew. Jake finds him, along with 4 more security guards, Eric Roberts, Carl, Todd and Malcolm. But Takeo has gone missing. Matthew and his team make a plan to run back to the Western L Wing after turning off the last relay. Todd and Carl set up barricades while Jake checks the doors. Afterwards, Jake turns off the last relay, and he, Matthew and the others take out the first wave of infected inmates, and run back to the Western L Wing as fast as they can. Jake and the others go back to the core access where they find Bryan waiting for them. He reveals that he left the Security Room while Junior was asleep so he can get some action. But Junior shows up and he and Bryan start arguing. Bryan then orders Junior to take Eric to the Security Room, and Junior does so, furiously. Matthew finds a radio, and he, Bryan and Jake head into The Core. Once there, they contact Malcolm to activate the access in the East Wing, but the latter is mutilated, gorrified and killed by Igor, and all the trio could find was Malcolm's blood. Jake, Bryan and Matthew then head for the Maintenance area where they find a train. Terry explains that it is used for maintenance and goes to the surface. The trio go into the sewers where they get chased by more infected people, and Jake gets seperated from Bryan and Matthew. Jake is now stuck in the Maintenance Quarters, He has lost all his items and hurt his leg during the fall. He wanders around the quarters and comes across the hermit again, who asks him to find him 6 more cards and he'll give him some FM Radios in return. Jake heads for towards a control room and finds a wrench and medkit, healing his hurt leg.

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